Well it’s 2017. Who would have thought?

I finally decided to create photo blog (It’s about time). Hopefully I can keep it up to date with insights into my photography and our adventures.

I decided to name my site “P in a Circle Photos”. P in a Circle is a name I came up with many years ago. It is derived from the trademark symbol ® and the copyright symbol ©.

Of course my name since birth is Pody and naturally the P is dominant! My given name is William, but I was given the nickname Pody and it has been with me ever since birth.

December 20th, 1991, I was fortunate enough to marry the most wonderful person I know, the love of my life, Juanita.

San Antonio Trip _20160416_010

She has put up with me for 25 years now. That in itself is an amazing accomplishment for her. We love to travel and go antiquing. Sometimes we just go on the spur of the moment. We call it an Adventure. You never know what you might see.

Anyone that knows me, knows I take my camera everywhere, especially in the last several years with the digital era.  I have over 43,000 photos on my computer (I know that’s a lot of photos). I hardly ever delete anything. Even the bad ones I keep to try and learn from the mistakes. Photography is always evolving and you never know when a new technology might be able to recover some. I plan this year to archive the “bad” ones and clean up my hard drives.

I am starting the blog with a recap of 2016. We had some really fun experiences last year.

Most of the time during the first part of the year we are recuperating from the holidays and birthdays. Juanita’s birthday, our son Fred’s birthday and My birthday along with Thanksgiving and Christmas are within a few weeks of each other over a period of 3 months.

Our first trip was to Beeville, Texas to a bike rally. All three of us ride and sometimes Adolfo, Juanita’s brother.


Juanita’s mother wanted to go to west Texas to see some of her friends so Adolfo took her with him to visit for a while. When she was ready to come home, we met them in Abilene. These were taken with the 18-135mm.

We decided to take a trip to Broken Bow Oklahoma for the July 4th weekend. We booked a cabin in the middle of nowhere. This place was 25 miles from town, but very peaceful and quiet. My Nephew Shane got to come with us. We all had a blast.

Juanita, her Mom and I went to East Texas to pick blueberries. I only took my 18-135mm lens. I always try to capture the memories as well as some artistic shots.


We decided to take a trip to Colorado for our vacation this year. We drove miles and miles to get there from Plano. I booked a cabin in the middle of nowhere again. Very peaceful and quiet. This time we were only 12 miles from a town.

We drove to Dodge City Kansas on the way back. Miles and miles of farmland.

I started a new job in September so some of the quick trips stopped for a while, but our 25th Anniversary was a few short months away. We never take a BIG trip so we decided New York City, here we come!

When we arrived it was 21 degrees but clear so we decided to head out. We walked to Times Square.

The weatherman said it was 17 degrees and the wind was blowing 25 mph. Lets got to the Top of the Rock!New York City_20161215_090

It was supposed to be cloudy and possibility of rain and snow sometime the next few days. My fingers got so cold I couldn’t feel the buttons on the camera.

Over the next 5 days/4 nights we walked 35 miles according to my fitness watch.

People Everywhere!

New York City_20161217_441

We rode the Staten Island Ferry.


Our Anniversary Dinner. Really good cake and coffee!IMG_3403

As I close this post, I will try to post about once a month with some pictures of our adventures and other projects. Hope everyone has a great New Year.



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