Blueberries and Birds

Last weekend Juanita and I decided to make a quick trip to East Texas to a Blueberry farm in Quitman Texas. It’s just a mere 2 hours away and off we go.

I picked my half gallon of blueberries, and grabbed my camera. There were cardinals flying all over the place, but as luck would have it, every time I would hear one, it would be behind me. I stopped for a while and waited but never got a male cardinal or the yellow birds that were too quick for me.

I have decided I may not be fast enough to capture birds! Here are a few of the better shots.

Quitman Blue Berry Farm_20170617_003Quitman Blue Berry Farm_20170617_005Quitman Blue Berry Farm_20170617_008Quitman Blue Berry Farm_20170617_011

Quitman Blue Berry Farm_20170617_015
Female Cardinal
Quitman Blue Berry Farm_20170617_018
Downy Woodpecker
Quitman Blue Berry Farm_20170617_023
Just missed this one but here it is anyway.

Quitman Blue Berry Farm_20170617_024

Quitman Blue Berry Farm_20170617_026
Juanita pickin’ berries

And our next adventure is…!



Back to Black….and white

In the early years of my photographic journey, I had a film camera that only shot black and white. In my photography classes at High School, we had black and white film cameras as well. I was a lot less expensive to develop. I always wanted a color camera and when I finally got one, the decision of which film to buy, ISO 100, 200, 400, Slide, Kodak, Fiji, etc, etc. I thought of black and white but never purchased any film. Color was cool!

Now in the digital world I can convert any picture to black and white and they look really good. Most every picture I work on in post production, I will at least convert to B&W then back to color.

Some of the pictures here were taken several years ago.

Abilene_20160430_038Albuquerque_20150706_004Arizona Roadside_20150707_005Corpus Christi_20170421_156Corpus Christi_20170421_206Drummond Ranch_20170527_004Drummond Ranch_20170527_016Drummond Ranch_20170527_026Grand Canyon_20150709_078MonsterJam2013_20130223_093Painted Desert_20150707_001Pawhuska OK_20170527_032Pennsylvania_20160921_048Pioneer Woman Mercantile_20170527_024Roadside CO.KS.OK_20160825_024Roadside CO.KS.OK_20160828_082San Antonio Trip _20160417_025Sangre de Cristo Mountains_20160825_035Tallgrass Prairie_20170528_091Truck_20170408_005Vacation Savannah_20140728_198New York City_20161217_441New York City_20161216_258Corpus Christi_20170422_332Corpus Christi_20170422_373

I can’t wait till our next adventure!



Oklahoma Pioneer

Over the Memorial Day weekend we decided to make a quick trip to Pawhuska, Oklahoma, Home of The Pioneer Woman. For those of you who may not know, Ree Drummond has a show on the Food Network called The Pioneer Woman. The Mercantile is a really nice renovated old building in Downtown Pawhuska. Excellent dining and atmosphere. Much to our surprise, Ladd Drumond was outside greeting guests.IMG_3869

We went to the Mercantile and did some shopping but the line was so long we decided to wait a while to eat.Pioneer Woman Mercantile_20170527_006


We went to the Lodge where the show is filmed. Its a very nice place that they renovated a few years ago as well. The view was beautiful.

They have several hundred head of wild horses on the Drummond Ranch. It has rained enough everything was nice and green.

Back at the Mercantile, we ate what we call LU-PPER. A cross between lunch and supper.

After getting stuffed, a little more shopping and Guess who we saw? The Pioneer Woman herself.

Afterwards, we took a little walk on the “Swinging Bridge” This was cool and Grandma went as far as anyone!

This is a white-Tailed Kite(at least from what I know). It is a member of the Hawk family. If you view the picture at full size, you can see its Eyes appear Red. It’s hard to take a picture of a bird at telephoto lengths on a swinging bridge.

Sunday I wanted to go to the Tall Grass Prairie. It is one of the largest protected Prairies in the US covering 39,000 acres according to the WIKI. It is really cool to see several hundred Bison roaming free.Tallgrass Prairie_20170528_001

We saw some up close and personal!

It was a very peaceful ride around the preserve.

Tallgrass Prairie_20170528_022

There are several different species of birds there as well. These Western Meadowlarks are singing all over the place.

Western Meadowlark_20170528_018Western Meadowlark_20170528_004

This Bob White Quail let us know he was there.

Tallgrass Prairie_20170528_024The Scissor Tail Flycatcher is the state bird of Oklahoma.

Scissor Tail Flycatcher_20170528_012Scissor Tail Flycatcher_20170528_016

Once we left and headed home we actually took a Scenic Route! We drove about 30 miles or more on the dirt roads and ended up only 6 miles from Kansas.

Tallgrass Prairie_20170528_097Tallgrass Prairie_20170528_092Tallgrass Prairie_20170528_087

Tallgrass Prairie_20170528_095

Over all we had a really fun time. The best of rest are here

I’m not sure where our next adventure will lead us.

Stay Tuned!