The Birds and the Bees and the Flowers…

Reminds me of a great old song, but I digress.

I have been shooting birds and bees just about everywhere we go. Most of these are shot in a setup I have in our backyard. I found a Crepe Myrtle someone cut down and hung several types of feeders with different seeds and suet. When the squirrels are not eating, I can get some pretty good shots of various birds from under our pergola.

Most of these are from around the house and creek behind our house. Some were taken near the Pawhuska, Oklahoma, home of the Pioneer Woman Mercantile.

Woodpecker_20170704_020Woodpecker_20170704_016Downy Woodpecker_20170622_003Downy Woodpecker_20170529_001Mississippi Kite_20170702_021Mississippi Kite_20170702_013Mississippi Kite_20170702_002Sparrow_20170521_088Sparrow_20170521_085Sparrow_20170521_074Sparrow_20170520_052Sparrow_20170520_011Sparrow and Cardinal_20170520_006Mockingbird_20170622_003Mockingbird_20170529_016Mockingbird_20170704_003White-Winged Dove_20170704_003Night Hawk and Horses_20170701_002Common Night Hawk_20170528_003Carolina Chickadee_20170523_010Carolina Chickadee_20170520_028BlueJay_20170704_008BlueJay_20170628_001Bees_20170704_004Bees_20170704_001Bees_20170622_003Bees_20170520_012Bees_20170520_004

Thanks for looking.

On to the next project and or adventure!