Art of the Mother-in-Law

If you have read my bio on this site, you will see a blurb about my Mother-in-Law who lives with us.

She has a creative side as well. The other day I saw her in the back yard by our Magnolia tree doing her daily walk but didn’t think much about it. I went for a walk and noticed this on one of our patio tables.

These are the spent Magnolia flowers from the tree and one of my gloves.

The next day she had four more patterns, but I didn’t get the shot before she gathered them up and threw them in the refuse bag.

Accidental Photo

I few weeks ago, I decided to do a glassware project. We had some wine bottles on a bottle tree in the backyard, so I grabbed a few to play with. With the morning sun coming through the blinds, I thought this made an interesting photo.

If I remember correctly, the wine was pretty good too!