Merry Christmas

My Wife and I have our Wedding Anniversary five days before Christmas, thanks to me (long story!). This year we went to Las Vegas.

Neither one of us came back with a lot of money, but it was nice to get away for a few days.

I found one of the Free things to do while there. Ethel M’s Chocolate Factory and Cactus Garden. Over a million lights on Cactus. Although it sounds different, it was actually very nice, AND they had really good hot chocolate!

Merry Christmas everyone.

Photographed: Henderson, NV 2019.12.21

Happy Fall, Y’all!

While on a mini road trip a few weeks ago, I spotted this row of little trees along a fence. There was a small creek a few hundred feet away behind them. As I pulled off the road in what remained of a driveway to make this shot, I realized that when backing on to the pavement, I could not see if any traffic was coming from either direction.

After I captured a few images, I backed out really fast, threw it into drive and put the “pedal to the metal”. Sure enough as I topped the incline in front of me, another pickup truck was cresting the other side 100 feet behind me at 65 miles per hour!

I’m glad my old truck still runs good!

Photographed: Near Van Alstyne, TX 2019.10.26