Liquid Photography

I have been waiting to post this since the A to Z project. This is my iteration of Liquid  Photography.


What a fun project. I will say this is probably the messiest! Milk is not friendly when splashed around. Also to get the colored water right, I used some food coloring and Jello (not a wise choice). It took a half a roll of paper towels and some patience as well as a lot of shots to get what I captured. Over the few thousand pictures I shot, I managed to get several keepers.


The camera was mounted to a tripod and all settings were manual so I could control the speed and light. I used my remote switch to press the shutter. It sometimes felt like rubbing your tummy and patting your head trying to pour, drop, drip the liquid and snap the pictures at the same time. The hardest part is focus, especially shooting  in the aquarium. There is really nothing to focus on till the water or milk hits the water. Then its almost too late. At first I used a zip lock bag with a pin hole, then water bottles, wine bottles, solo cup, a turkey injector, and a concoction I made from a Garden Drip line and a Dollar Tree cup.

I used food coloring, Jello for the water and dollar wrapping paper for the backgrounds. The key is to get the drips fast enough for the collisions and not making too many ripples.


The aquarium was purchased at goodwill. I colored the water a bit with yellow food coloring. At each side I used red and blue colored gel paper to create the effect. Then came the milk!

Some of these are flipped upside down for effect.


A little wine?


Milk is messy in the little measuring tablespoon.

Ahhh…Coffee! I found the perfect burlap sack at an antique store. Sprinkle some beans and let my imagination do what it does. Trying to capture steam is not hard, but you have to be ready. The lighting setup was trial and many errors.


I’ll put some of the better ones here and the rest on my google page.



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Next month I will post pictures of our Corpus Christi trip in April!

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