As another Thanksgiving is almost here and will be gone before you know it. I am very Thankful.

Sometimes normal life gets a little crazy and things don’t turn out like we plan, but counting my blessings would be impossible. My Faith, Family and Friends keep me on “My Normal”. Photos help too!

Happy Thanksgiving to everyone!

Photographed: Aransas Wildlife Reserve – Aransas Pass, TX 2015.10.17

Trip to South Texas

My Wife’s Catholic Daughter group had a State Convention May 2nd through May 5th in McAllen Texas. Neither one of us had been there in a while. I have been appointed (Actually I volunteer) as the Court #2100 Photographer so naturally I went as well.

The first stop was the Basilica of Our Lady of San Juan del Valle – National Shrine. It is a beautiful Church and has a great history. We have been there a few times but it has been a while ago.

While we were in South Texas, I wanted to go to see the La Lomita Chapel before something happens like a “border wall”. This is a beautiful old church built in 1865 and is still standing today. Unfortunately for me, the day was a little overcast but that makes for some nice filtered light.

I went in search of the Border Wall and didn’t see much. I did see some structures in which a nice Border Patrol Agent suggested “I did not need to be there” so I promptly left. Hidalgo is right on the border of Mexico. It was really busy there with a lot of cars, trucks and people walking to and from the port. I really wanted to take some more pictures but I decided to leave well enough alone.

I also got to go to Bentsen State Park which is part of the World Birding Center. Of course this is not the time of the year to see many birds as most have already migrated north. I did see more White Winged Dove that I have ever seen in my life. They were everywhere. I also saw some very noisy birds named Chachalaca.

Zebadiah and Adriana got to go as well taking their first plane ride. Of course they didn’t get to see much while in my camera bag but they did get to see some things.

I am not sure I would specifically make a trip back down there but if something comes up, I would go again. I would be cool to go in the fall to see all the migratory birds and butterflies.

Zebadiah Duck – Day 30

30-30-1 Project Day 30

The last day of the 30-30-1 project. It has been fun and challenging, for me at least. This project has definitely expanded my creativity.

This last day we find Zebadiah, Adriana, Zachary, Zayda, and AdaLynn all together. They really enjoy each others companionship but know they will all head in their separate directions soon. Zeb and Adriana tell everyone, “see you later”. Family is everything.

We never know what the future holds. No one is promised tomorrow. Zebadiah says “We should all live life to the fullest. Be humble, kind, generous and never loose faith. Treat others with the same respect as you expect. Don’t try to be someone else, just be yourself. God first, Family before everything else.”

We have not seen the last of Zebadiah Duck. His adventures will continue on so stay tuned and check back often.

Zachary, Zayda, Zebadiah, Adriana, AdaLynn

Together once more, as they all gaze into the sunset, we wish them well.


Zebadiah Duck – Day 9

30-30-1 Project Day 9

Over the weekend, my wife stocks her workplace with water, drinks and snacks. Zebadiah had heard about the big Grizzly bear that she works beside everyday. This time he got to go and see for himself.

“Wow!” said young Zeb. The bear is huge compared to the little rubber duck. He wonders what it would be like to live in the forest, but thinks he will stay in the city for now. Zeb would not even be an appetizer for this thing.

I don’t know all the details as to the reason the bear became my wife’s office mate. I’m sure there is story there somewhere.

Zebadiah Duck – Day 7

30-30-1 Project Day 7

Today Zebadiah finally made it down to the creek that is just behind our house. It was a cool overcast spring day after a nice rain from the day before. He has often wondered about this creek and it was time for him to take a little swim.

As he waddles around in the water he can almost make out some of his live relatives over his shoulder. He wishes they would come closer to visit, but the live ducks are not to sure about young Zebadiah, being a green rubber duck and all. Being the optimist that he is, Zeb thinks he may get to know them better at some point. Only time will tell.

Zebadiah loves this little concrete filled creek. It is peaceful and away from the everyday life in the city. There are deeper waters not too far away so he is careful not to swim too fast or far. He can hear other birds the background as he enjoys the cool water.

Zeb plans to come here often. He dreams that someday he will meet other rubber ducks floating lazily down stream.

Zebadiah Duck – Day 6

30-30-1 Project Day 6

Anyone that knows me knows I love basketball. Luckily Zebadiah is no different. He likes to watch the Dallas Mavericks and Texas Tech Red Raiders.

Zeb loves March Madness for sure but he hasn’t gotten to watch any games yet. Today will be different.

With Texas Tech in the Final Four for the first time, Zeb had to get a new camouflage Texas Tech shirt. We couldn’t find a Final Four tee shirt for him but I got one or two for myself. We will watch the game on TV in the comfort of my easy chair.

Zeb doesn’t get as excited as I do nor does he yell at the TV, but I can tell that he enjoys the game too.

Guns Up!! Wreck em Tech!! Go Red Raiders!!

Zebadiah Duck – Day 5

30 – 30 – 1 Project

Today Zeb decided to venture out a little farther. Sitting in the park looking towards the creek, he takes in the foggy morning in Texas. He can barely see the tree line and almost smell the water. Ducks do have a keen sense for water. It’s a long walk for a rubber duck, but he can’t fly either. Maybe this weekend I’ll take for a little swim.

There is always a little water in the creek. Sometimes after a rain the creek will swell over the banks, but most of the time it is knee deep to a duck. There are parts of the creek that are waist deep to a human. We can see live ducks and turtles in the creek on many days.

Zebadiah Duck – Day 4

30 – 30 – 1 Project Day 4

Yesterday when Zebadiah was out in the backyard enjoying the sunrise, he spotted the birdbath. He couldn’t wait to try it out since we are several yards away from the creek. Although he dreams of adventure and travel, Zeb doesn’t like to get too far from the house yet.

He thought he would make the best of it today. The temperature is nice, the winds are calm and the sun is shining.

The bird feeder is not too far away from the house so Zeb can get up close an personal with nature. Squirrels, Cardinals, Blue Jays, Mocking Birds, Sparrows and Carolina Chickadees frequent the feeders and birdbath.

I’m not too sure the birds and squirrels are very comfortable with a green rubber duck floating in their birdbath. Zebadiah has been floating out there all day!

Zebadiah Duck – Day 3

30 – 30 – 1 Project Day 3

Sunrise – Zebadiah is an early riser like me. Every time I go to get him he is awake. I’m not sure if he ever really sleeps.

Today he wanted to see the sunrise. I’ts kinda hard to see the actual sunrise over the horizon since we live in the city. Someday Zeb will venture out and be able to see the sun rising over the land darkened by the nightfall.

This is another crisp spring morning in Texas. Other birds are chirping away today. Cardinals, Blue Jays, Carolina Chickadees, and many others fill the morning air. Zeb just quietly sits and takes in the beauty of the sunrise.

It’s hard to tell when a rubber duck gets excited, but Zeb thought he saw a relative fly by!