Local Safari

For Christmas this year, we decided to take a small trip instead of exchanging gifts. Over the Christmas Holiday, we went on a Local Safari about 100 miles southwest, at Fossil Rim Wildlife Center in Glen Rose, TX.

It was well worth the 3 hour, 9 mile drive through the 1800 acre park. We saw lots of deer like horned animals, an Ostrich, a Sandhill Crane, and Emu. The Rhino’s, Cheetahs, and Giraffes were contained in protected fencing. The center said there were Zebras out there as well, but we didn’t see any.

They have several different tours of the center. The behind the scenes tour was on my list, but Mother nature decided it was a good day for 35 degrees and misting rain.  With a 93 year old in the car we decided the self guided drive through would be best.

I did find it a little more difficult taking photos from inside the car than I originally thought, especially with my long zoom. Here are some of the better shots.

Fossil Rim_20171229_022

Fossil Rim_20171229_028

Scimitar-Horned Oryx

Fossil Rim_20171229_036

This guy came right up to the car and stuck his head in!

Fossil Rim_20171229_048

Sandhill Crane

Fossil Rim_20171229_049

Sandhill Crane

Fossil Rim_20171229_064


Fossil Rim_20171229_070

Fossil Rim_20171229_079

Fallow Deer

Fossil Rim_20171229_092

Fossil Rim_20171229_114

Look close and you can see Adolf’s Jeep

Fossil Rim_20171229_128

It was too cold for these guys to be roaming

Fossil Rim_20171229_134

Fossil Rim_20171229_162

European Red Deer

Fossil Rim_20171229_164


Fossil Rim_20171229_165


Fossil Rim_20171229_166Fossil Rim_20171229_179

Fossil Rim_20171229_185

White Tail

Fossil Rim_20171229_190

Fossil Rim_20171229_192

White Rhino

Fossil Rim_20171229_195

Do you have any food left?

Fossil Rim_20171229_199

Wildebeest and calf below

Fossil Rim_20171229_202

It was a fun trip. Many of these animals will come eat right out of your hand.

I am considering a photography workshop tour later in the year the center puts on. Some lens manufacturers send Professional photographers and lenses to try.

Until the next adventure!!


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