Art of the Mother-in-Law

If you have read my bio on this site, you will see a blurb about my Mother-in-Law who lives with us.

She has a creative side as well. The other day I saw her in the back yard by our Magnolia tree doing her daily walk but didn’t think much about it. I went for a walk and noticed this on one of our patio tables.

These are the spent Magnolia flowers from the tree and one of my gloves.

The next day she had four more patterns, but I didn’t get the shot before she gathered them up and threw them in the refuse bag.

Zebadiah Duck – Day 28

30-30-1 Project Day 28

Today Zebadiah took Adriana down to the Trinity River in Downtown Dallas. We have had several inches of rain over the last few days and the river has risen over its banks.

In the distance we see a teal rubber duck that resembles Zebadiah’s sister, Zayda. Zeb hasn’t seen his sister in a while now and with anticipation waits to see if it really is her. As she gets closer, Zeb becomes more excited and sure enough it is Zayda. Zeb and Zayda are so happy! They hug and laugh while Adriana has an idea this is Zayda but wonders who this girl is hugging Zeb? Finally he realizes Adriana has never met Zayda and introduces her.

Zayda was the athletic one of the family. You can catch her, if you can, running, cycling, bowling or just about any other sporting event. This evening she was jogging down the Margaret Hunt Hill Bridge in Dallas.

Zebadiah Duck – Day 21

30-30-1 Project Day 21

Two for one today since we didn’t have internet access this weekend.

Easter Sunday –
The egg is an ancient symbol of new life and rebirth. In Christianity it became associated with Jesus’ crucifixion and resurrection. Easter eggs, also called Paschal eggs, are eggs that are sometimes decorated.

At this time of year, some farm stores sell little chicks and baby ducks. Years ago my parents purchased a few chicks but never a duck. They would raise the chickens and eat or give the eggs away to our neighbors.

Zebadiah did not come from a farm store but the local Wild-Mart had plenty rubber ducks.

While at our Easter Egg hunt, Zeb sees the colorful eggs and remembers the little pink duck. He thinks of her often. Sometimes he thinks he sees her in the distance. But wait, is that…?

Zebadiah Duck – Day 20

30-30-1 Project Day 20

Holy Saturday – Lent is over for 2019. Not much happens on Holy Saturday. Those that gave up something for lent can have it again, but I am not so sure that is the meaning of the sacrifice. This year we gave up red meat. I sure would like a hamburger!

Zebadiah didn’t really give up anything, since after all he is a rubber duck, but nonetheless he gets to help with my sacrifice.

Zeb finally gets to take a road trip to Canyon Lake, Texas over the Easter weekend. He would sure like to get in that pretty water!

Zebadiah Duck – Day 3

30 – 30 – 1 Project Day 3

Sunrise – Zebadiah is an early riser like me. Every time I go to get him he is awake. I’m not sure if he ever really sleeps.

Today he wanted to see the sunrise. I’ts kinda hard to see the actual sunrise over the horizon since we live in the city. Someday Zeb will venture out and be able to see the sun rising over the land darkened by the nightfall.

This is another crisp spring morning in Texas. Other birds are chirping away today. Cardinals, Blue Jays, Carolina Chickadees, and many others fill the morning air. Zeb just quietly sits and takes in the beauty of the sunrise.

It’s hard to tell when a rubber duck gets excited, but Zeb thought he saw a relative fly by!