10 Word Tuesday

I have decided to add a few more posts, once a week with images I have captured over the years. Not counting this original post, I am limiting myself to 10 words or less to describe the picture not including the location and date the shot was taken. We’ll see how this goes!

Balloon Fest 200419

“Up at Sunrise”

Photographed: Plano Balloon Festival 2004-09-18




Road Trip and Ruins

Almost every road trip we take I can find some old run down building that I think will make a good picture.

Over the Christmas holidays we ventured to Dublin, Texas. It used to be the Home of Dublin Dr. Pepper until a few years ago. I didn’t get many pictures of the Bottling works facility but across the way we saw an old building. I am not sure what this used to be, but cool none the less.


It looks like a water facility of some sort



On the other side of the street again was an old Rail Road Depot



I liked the symmetry of the three windows. Apparently the original architect did as well



I am ready for the next adventure!


Back to Black….and white

In the early years of my photographic journey, I had a film camera that only shot black and white. In my photography classes at High School, we had black and white film cameras as well. I was a lot less expensive to develop. I always wanted a color camera and when I finally got one, the decision of which film to buy, ISO 100, 200, 400, Slide, Kodak, Fiji, etc, etc. I thought of black and white but never purchased any film. Color was cool!

Now in the digital world I can convert any picture to black and white and they look really good. Most every picture I work on in post production, I will at least convert to B&W then back to color.

Some of the pictures here were taken several years ago.

Abilene_20160430_038Albuquerque_20150706_004Arizona Roadside_20150707_005Corpus Christi_20170421_156Corpus Christi_20170421_206Drummond Ranch_20170527_004Drummond Ranch_20170527_016Drummond Ranch_20170527_026Grand Canyon_20150709_078MonsterJam2013_20130223_093Painted Desert_20150707_001Pawhuska OK_20170527_032Pennsylvania_20160921_048Pioneer Woman Mercantile_20170527_024Roadside CO.KS.OK_20160825_024Roadside CO.KS.OK_20160828_082San Antonio Trip _20160417_025Sangre de Cristo Mountains_20160825_035Tallgrass Prairie_20170528_091Truck_20170408_005Vacation Savannah_20140728_198New York City_20161217_441New York City_20161216_258Corpus Christi_20170422_332Corpus Christi_20170422_373

I can’t wait till our next adventure!