Blueberries and Birds

Last weekend Juanita and I decided to make a quick trip to East Texas to a Blueberry farm in Quitman Texas. It’s just a mere 2 hours away and off we go.

I picked my half gallon of blueberries, and grabbed my camera. There were cardinals flying all over the place, but as luck would have it, every time I would hear one, it would be behind me. I stopped for a while and waited but never got a male cardinal or the yellow birds that were too quick for me.

I have decided I may not be fast enough to capture birds! Here are a few of the better shots.

Quitman Blue Berry Farm_20170617_003Quitman Blue Berry Farm_20170617_005Quitman Blue Berry Farm_20170617_008Quitman Blue Berry Farm_20170617_011

Quitman Blue Berry Farm_20170617_015
Female Cardinal
Quitman Blue Berry Farm_20170617_018
Downy Woodpecker
Quitman Blue Berry Farm_20170617_023
Just missed this one but here it is anyway.

Quitman Blue Berry Farm_20170617_024

Quitman Blue Berry Farm_20170617_026
Juanita pickin’ berries

And our next adventure is…!



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