Back to Black….and white

In the early years of my photographic journey, I had a film camera that only shot black and white. In my photography classes at High School, we had black and white film cameras as well. I was a lot less expensive to develop. I always wanted a color camera and when I finally got one, the decision of which film to buy, ISO 100, 200, 400, Slide, Kodak, Fiji, etc, etc. I thought of black and white but never purchased any film. Color was cool!

Now in the digital world I can convert any picture to black and white and they look really good. Most every picture I work on in post production, I will at least convert to B&W then back to color.

Some of the pictures here were taken several years ago.

Abilene_20160430_038Albuquerque_20150706_004Arizona Roadside_20150707_005Corpus Christi_20170421_156Corpus Christi_20170421_206Drummond Ranch_20170527_004Drummond Ranch_20170527_016Drummond Ranch_20170527_026Grand Canyon_20150709_078MonsterJam2013_20130223_093Painted Desert_20150707_001Pawhuska OK_20170527_032Pennsylvania_20160921_048Pioneer Woman Mercantile_20170527_024Roadside CO.KS.OK_20160825_024Roadside CO.KS.OK_20160828_082San Antonio Trip _20160417_025Sangre de Cristo Mountains_20160825_035Tallgrass Prairie_20170528_091Truck_20170408_005Vacation Savannah_20140728_198New York City_20161217_441New York City_20161216_258Corpus Christi_20170422_332Corpus Christi_20170422_373

I can’t wait till our next adventure!



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