Up close and personal

I decided to try my hand in Macro Photography. I couldn’t justify spending $800.00 so I rented a Canon 100mm lens. This lens is one of the best there is on the market today. The colors and detail are amazing.

Things are a lot different when you get close. This is a whole new world most of us never see. I found bugs, butterflies and worms. Flowers and rain drops, fruits and cinnamon rolls. Some staged some in nature.

It was a lot of fun for the week I had the lens. I shot a little over 750 photos.The problem now is picking the best of the best to post here!

Canon 100mm Macro white Flower_20171016_010Canon 100mm Macro Testing_20171013_040Canon 100mm Macro Testing_20171013_035

Canon 100mm Macro Black Eyed Susan_20171013_002Canon 100mm Macro Flowers_20171015_002Canon 100mm Macro Flowers_20171015_049Canon 100mm Macro Flowers_20171015_094Canon 100mm Macro Flowers_20171015_106Canon 100mm Macro Flowers_20171018_025

Canon 100mm Macro Testing Bees_20171013_017Canon 100mm Macro Worm_20171018_003Canon 100mm Macro Cana Beetle_20171017_001Canon 100mm Macro Cana Beetle_20171017_008


Canon 100mm Macro Fruit Veggies_20171015_016Canon 100mm Macro Fruit Veggies_20171015_011Canon 100mm Macro Fruit Veggies_20171015_018

It is a fun lens, but as I said, I am not so sure I can justify $800.00 for one of my own. Maybe Craigs list?






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