The Edge of Dark

While we were in Kansas, getting ready to shoot The Great American Eclipse of 2017, I decided to try shooting the Milky Way and some other stars. The sky was a little overcast and not knowing where the heck I am, I stopped on a hill after driving a mile or so down a dirt road about 10 miles west of Salina, Kansas.

When I first got there, the sun had just gone down and it was not quite dark yet.

Stars in Kansas_20170819_025If you look close, this is the Big Dipper just after Dusk

Stars in Kansas_20170819_029
It’s hard to see but a little better picture of the Big Dipper and an Airplane, top right
Stars in Kansas_20170819_033
I had some visitors as well. They are not really ghost cows

I have photographed the moon before, but this was my first chance to be away from the light pollution of the city. Well, almost. Turns out there was a little town a few miles over the next hill.

Stars in Kansas_20170819_034
Still not quite dark enough
Stars in Kansas_20170819_037
Milky Way
Stars in Kansas_20170819_040
You can see a small plane right in front of the Milky Way
Stars in Kansas_20170819_043
You can make out part of the Milky Way

I’ll try again at some point if I can get far enough away from lights. Maybe McDonald Observatory in West Texas. Hmmm…. Can you say our next adventure?



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