Texas Bluebonnets

Spring has sprung in Texas when you see the Bluebonnets on the sides of the road and in the open fields.

Even with the crazy Coronavirus, there is beauty to be found by “Social Distancing”. With everyone staying indoors and apart, I went to get a few pictures of this Bluebonnet field in Richardson. While I did see some people, they were at least 40 feet away or further.

The Bee’s were buzzing!

Yellow, Blue make Green. God’s complementary colors.

Stay safe!

Photographed Richardson, Texas 2020.04.05

Flower Photogtaphy

Zebadiah Duck – Day 24

30-30-1 Project Day 24

Zebadiah saw the pink duck during the Easter Egg hunt Sunday afternoon. Today saw her again and wants to talk to her if he can muster up the nerve. Zeb knows there are more ducks around, but she caught his eye earlier in his life and has been trying to find her ever since.

Her name is Adriana. Zeb finally got up his nerve to talk to her and they hit it off. She was elated as well, because she likes him too! Today they walked around the park behind the house. Zebadiah wanted to show her the wildflowers, clover and the creek. They were not ready to take a dip in the cool water yet, but maybe next time.

Zeb feels like it was meant to be. Adriana is happy she found Zeb too! Everyone has a soulmate. Sometimes they are hard to find.

Zebadiah Duck – Day 21

30-30-1 Project Day 21

Two for one today since we didn’t have internet access this weekend.

Easter Sunday –
The egg is an ancient symbol of new life and rebirth. In Christianity it became associated with Jesus’ crucifixion and resurrection. Easter eggs, also called Paschal eggs, are eggs that are sometimes decorated.

At this time of year, some farm stores sell little chicks and baby ducks. Years ago my parents purchased a few chicks but never a duck. They would raise the chickens and eat or give the eggs away to our neighbors.

Zebadiah did not come from a farm store but the local Wild-Mart had plenty rubber ducks.

While at our Easter Egg hunt, Zeb sees the colorful eggs and remembers the little pink duck. He thinks of her often. Sometimes he thinks he sees her in the distance. But wait, is that…?

Zebadiah Duck – Day 2

30-30-1 Project Day 2

As the sun filters in from the kitchen window, the steam rises from the cup, the air is filled with the aroma of coffee. A good hot cup of coffee with some cream and sugar starts my day!

Coffee is one of the best things in the morning to me. The aroma of fresh coffee when the can is opened is hard to beat, although frying bacon may give it a run for its money. The next best thing is the warm, mildly sweet, creamy first sip, Mmmm!

Morning coffee with Zeb is pretty much the same each day. He doesn’t talk, or drink coffee but he does like to hang around the kitchen table. I think Zeb likes the way coffee smells too! I am not sure Zebadiah will ever try coffee, but as time goes on, something may change his mind.