Yellow Rose of Yesterday

Trying to not be a slacker husband that I am sometimes, for Juanita’s birthday, I brought home some flowers. One of which had a pretty Yellow Rose.Juanita's Birthday Flowers_20180108_007Juanita's Birthday Flowers_20180108_001

One afternoon while on the kitchen table I saw light hitting the flower through the blinds and could not pass up this shot.

Juanita's Birthday Flowers_20180108_010

Of course after a few days, even with the little packet, they wither and die. The reason I typically don’t get cut flowers.

On the other hand, It gives me a little creative outlet.

Juanita's Birthday Flowers_20180118_065Juanita's Birthday Flowers_20180122_095Juanitas Birthday Flowers_20180122_005

and a little macro to boot!

Extension Tube testing_20180123_013



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