Carlsbad Caverns NM

Over the Memorial day weekend we took a road trip to West Texas and decided to go even further west to Carlsbad Caverns, New Mexico. It has been 20+ years since we have been there.

Of course the Caverns have not changed much, but still fun to walk the 2.5 miles to and around the very bottom. Then I decided to try to beat the 1 hour elevator ride back to the top. I got my workout for sure.

I have never taken pictures in such low light, but flash was allowed and some areas are lighted. It was hard to focus the camera, but here are a few of the better pictures.


Carlsbad Caverns_20180526_001
Desert roadside out the front window
Carlsbad Caverns_20180526_005
I would like to go all the way out there for close up.

Carlsbad Caverns_20180526_009Carlsbad Caverns_20180526_012Carlsbad Caverns_20180526_024Carlsbad Caverns_20180526_028Carlsbad Caverns_20180526_032Carlsbad Caverns_20180526_033Carlsbad Caverns_20180526_036

Carlsbad Caverns_20180526_059
Look close and the people appear tiny!

Carlsbad Caverns_20180526_065Carlsbad Caverns_20180526_152

Carlsbad Caverns_20180526_204
A friendly reminder, We are in the desert!

Here is a link to some other pictures.


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