Summer Vacation – 2018

The first full week of August we took a family vacation to Arizona with the city of Sedona as the final destination. Several hours of driving and a few hundred photos later, unfortunately we had to come back home.

We are ready to go back to see and do some of the things we missed. I didn’t get to capture some of the beauty in the Red Rocks because of Forrest fires in the area. The smoke caused some very hazy and interesting shots, especially in the early mornings.

Over the next few weeks I will post some photos of the beautiful scenery, (some in its own way) structures and landscape we saw.


Ft Sumner Church_20180804_006
Abandoned Church in Tiaban, NM

Ft Sumner Church_20180804_015


Ft Sumner Church_20180804_008

We attended Mass Sunday morning in Sedona at St. John Vianney church.

St John Vianney_20180805_001St John Vianney_20180805_011St John Vianney_20180809_022St John Vianney_20180809_026

When Mass was over we went sight seeing to the Chapel of the Holy Cross.

Chapel of the Holy Cross_20180805_012Chapel of the Holy Cross_20180805_037Chapel of the Holy Cross_20180805_019Chapel of the Holy Cross_20180805_041Chapel of the Holy Cross_20180805_050Chapel of the Holy Cross_20180805_052

Chapel of the Holy Cross_20180805_006
It looks better in Person, but they call this the Virgin Mary, Baby Jesus (the small point toward the left) and Two Nuns

Chapel of the Holy Cross_20180805_036There are some very spiritual connections all around Sedona. The city actually has a Vortex Map. Although we did not go to many of the Vortex’s, Chapel of the Holy Cross  was very peaceful and pretty.

Stay tuned for more over the next few weeks.

Until next time, Peace be with you!


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