Zebadiah Duck – Day 4

30 – 30 – 1 Project Day 4

Yesterday when Zebadiah was out in the backyard enjoying the sunrise, he spotted the birdbath. He couldn’t wait to try it out since we are several yards away from the creek. Although he dreams of adventure and travel, Zeb doesn’t like to get too far from the house yet.

He thought he would make the best of it today. The temperature is nice, the winds are calm and the sun is shining.

The bird feeder is not too far away from the house so Zeb can get up close an personal with nature. Squirrels, Cardinals, Blue Jays, Mocking Birds, Sparrows and Carolina Chickadees frequent the feeders and birdbath.

I’m not too sure the birds and squirrels are very comfortable with a green rubber duck floating in their birdbath. Zebadiah has been floating out there all day!

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