Back on the Saddle

Our son, Fred, started bicycle riding for charity events somewhere around 2001 or 2002 which prompted me to do the same.

This ride was my first ride in 2004, the Recycle Rally in McKinney, Texas. It was drizzling rain and pretty cold the whole day. I was not even close to cycling shape, as you can see by the grimace on my face, but I finished 21 miles on a HEAVY bike. This is the finish line. There is a creek bottom to the left of the picture that drops about 50 feet down and back up.

Photographed by Fred: McKinney, Texas 2004.11.21

Now, several years later, I have a really lightweight carbon fiber road bike. My wife an I ride a tandem every so often. One of my brother-in-laws also rides now and then as well. Many times we make it a Family event when we can.

This year Fred and I are riding in Plano/Lucas. The event is the Emmitt Smith Grand Fondo befitting the Emmitt and Pat smith charities. There will be several local Celebrities riding as well.

I chose to do the 41 mile while he is riding 22 miles.

Doing these rides has taken us to several places in Texas we wouldn’t have gone otherwise. Juanita had camera duties this time. The picture below is taken in Corpus Christi, Texas for the inaugural Conquer the Coast ride in 2005.

Maybe I can get a picture with Emmitt!

Photographed: Corpus Christi, Texas 2005.10.01

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