Corpus Christi Spring 2017

My lovely wife and I went to Corpus Christi Texas for a Catholic Daughters Convention April 20-23, 2017. While she was at the convention most of the time, I had a photography outing. I took over 850 pictures of the event and areas in and around Corpus.

Nice weather produced some pretty sunrises.

I rode my bike to the Naval Air Station and saw several birds. The birds I saw and wanted to photograph was a Red Tipped Spoonbill. They look similar to Flamingos.  When I dove there in the car, of course they were already gone and it was getting hot.

I had a nice surprise when I loaded the Pictures on the PC.

Corpus Christi_20170421_092
You can’t plan this shot
Corpus Christi_20170421_087
I thought this seaweed was interesting

Afterwards I drove to Mustang Island to Bob Hall Pier.

 I don’t know what this bird is, but he looks intimidating. I just googled it and it is an Osprey.

I tried some long exposure shots at night of the Corpus Christi bay and skyline. Some are pretty good but even on the tripod the wind was shaking my camera. Crazy!

Birds everywhere.

I got photobombed with a seagull. Surprise!

Corpus Christi_20170422_334
This is one of my favorites!

Along the Docks there are several actively working shrimp boats.

Along the coast line as well is a little ways in town, there were some interesting places from yesteryear.

 Some planned graffiti and some not so much.

I walked to the top of the Harbor Bridge, (well almost) – This bridge is 16 stories high at the road surface to the water. The little walkway is barely wide enough for two people back to back. It was a little freaky to say the least!

I have posted the some of the better pictures here.

Next weekend we go to Bastrop, Texas for Channa’s 93rd Birthday! Stay tuned!



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