Elgin, Texas Spring 2017

Elgin, Texas April 28-30, 2017 – pronounced Elg-In.

We took Juanita’s Mom, Chana, to see her eldest son, Daniel, for her 93rd birthday. He lives in a very small town named McDade, about 35 miles east of Austin. Elgin is about 24 miles from Austin. It is a small town of 8100 people or so. Downtown is filled with historical old buildings that have now been renovated into Antique stores and shops. The rest of the town is like most other small towns across Texas. There are some really pretty places and some that should be condemned.

Here are a few shots of both places.

Downtown McDade

Perez Family_20170430_011
Daniel, Chana, Juanita, and Adolfo
Daniels House_20170429_008
An uninvited visitor at Daniel’s house!

The train was a building block of most old towns.  Of course next to the tracks was the Grain elevator. I think the grain may get wet.

A retired old blacksmith shop. I really wanted to go inside this place!

This is Sacred Heart Catholic Church. We listened to a very nice homily from Fr. Charles Van Winkle. He has published 3 books and can be found at his website.

Elgin Texas_20170430_034

Thanks for looking.

Our next Adventure?? We’ll have to wait and see.



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