Bluebonnet Trails

Over the Easter weekend we decided to take a little trip to Ennis, Texas about 60 miles south of Plano to see the Bluebonnet Trails the City advertises.

After installing an App we drove to the Field of Dreams, north east of Ennis. The Bluebonnets were starting to bloom, but wasn’t quite dreamy yet. On the way we did see this cool old barn.

Ennis Trip Spring 2018_20180331_002Ennis Trip Spring 2018_20180331_006

We drove to the other side of town to find Bardwell Lake and another Bluebonnet area, but still not many Bluebonnets to be found. Driving back towards town, we looked for another field named Meadow View Nature Area.

Bingo! Still not quite in full bloom, we did find some of the State Flower of Texas and all its glory. The orange flowers are called Indian Paintbrush.

Ennis Trip Spring 2018_20180331_010Ennis Trip Spring 2018_20180331_012

Ennis Trip Spring 2018_20180331_042
Remnants of a guard rail

Ennis Trip Spring 2018_20180331_020

Ennis Trip Spring 2018_20180331_059
An old water fountain
Ennis Trip Spring 2018_20180331_045
Another old barn in the distance

Ennis Trip Spring 2018_20180331_068

It was a little overcast and very windy, but overall a success.

On to the next adventure, A Tree house!


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