Summer Vacation Part 2

I wrote in another post we took a trip to Sedona, Arizona for our family summer vacation. While we were close, we decided to take a not so quick 4 hour road trip to the Grand Canyon West Rim.

On the drive, there we went through the Grapevine Mesa Joshua Tree Forrest. These trees are a members of the Yucca plant.

Joshua Tree_20180806_006Joshua Tree_20180806_015Joshua Tree_20180806_016

About ten more miles the Grand Canyon West Rim and Sky walk. Forrest fires in California and Arizona created some challenging and interesting shots.

Grand Ganyon West_20180806_001
Eagle Point

Grand Ganyon West_20180806_006

Grand Ganyon West_20180806_007
4000 feet above the bottom of the canyon.

Grand Ganyon West_20180806_021Grand Ganyon West_20180806_046Grand Ganyon West_20180806_054

Very pretty site to see. The Grand Canyon is a marvel at best. I can’t imagine how much water passed through to create such beauty.


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