Zebadiah Duck – Day 7

30-30-1 Project Day 7

Today Zebadiah finally made it down to the creek that is just behind our house. It was a cool overcast spring day after a nice rain from the day before. He has often wondered about this creek and it was time for him to take a little swim.

As he waddles around in the water he can almost make out some of his live relatives over his shoulder. He wishes they would come closer to visit, but the live ducks are not to sure about young Zebadiah, being a green rubber duck and all. Being the optimist that he is, Zeb thinks he may get to know them better at some point. Only time will tell.

Zebadiah loves this little concrete filled creek. It is peaceful and away from the everyday life in the city. There are deeper waters not too far away so he is careful not to swim too fast or far. He can hear other birds the background as he enjoys the cool water.

Zeb plans to come here often. He dreams that someday he will meet other rubber ducks floating lazily down stream.

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