For the Birds

I love being outside in the first place, and have always had a fascination with bird photography. I don’t have the $7000.00 camera and lens that will shoot 10 frames per second from 100 yards away, but mine does pretty good on a very limited budget. Since our trip to Corpus Christi a few weeks ago, my fascination with Birds has grown even more. Of course Coastal birding is completely different than North Texas birding. At some point I want to take a trip to Weslaco, TX to the World Birding Center and Bosque Nature Preserve in Albuquerque, NM. Of course these are not day trips from Plano. So for now I’ll stay in the back yard and surrounding areas of North Texas.

We have all kinds of birds in the park behind our house. It seems I never have my camera when I see something unique like a little finch or a crow.

This Red Tail Hawk was almost out of my range.

Red Tail Hawk_20170513_003

M R Ducks, C M Wangs! – Here are a few with babies in a row.

This Robin was taking a bath.

We have a nest of Mockingbirds in our Magnolia tree in the back yard. Mama and Daddy don’t like us getting too close to the nest and now babies!

When we were at Daniels house, there were some House Swallows in a nest under his front porch. These are curious(to me anyway) little birds. They build nests under porch overhangs and culverts along the roads out of mud and twigs.

Last weekend I went looking for the baby ducks again and much to my surprise I found some bucket list birds, Eastern Screech Owls. There were actually 5 or 6 nesting in  a tree down by the creek.

I’m in the process of building a bird feeding station in hopes of getting really good shots of some other birds. I also purchased a camouflage changing tent so I can be a little closer to the station. We’ll see!

There will be more to come but for now, I’ll keep my eyes and ears open,



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