Zebadiah Duck – Day 28

30-30-1 Project Day 28

Today Zebadiah took Adriana down to the Trinity River in Downtown Dallas. We have had several inches of rain over the last few days and the river has risen over its banks.

In the distance we see a teal rubber duck that resembles Zebadiah’s sister, Zayda. Zeb hasn’t seen his sister in a while now and with anticipation waits to see if it really is her. As she gets closer, Zeb becomes more excited and sure enough it is Zayda. Zeb and Zayda are so happy! They hug and laugh while Adriana has an idea this is Zayda but wonders who this girl is hugging Zeb? Finally he realizes Adriana has never met Zayda and introduces her.

Zayda was the athletic one of the family. You can catch her, if you can, running, cycling, bowling or just about any other sporting event. This evening she was jogging down the Margaret Hunt Hill Bridge in Dallas.

Independence Day 2018

Plano, Texas 2018.07.04

The City celebrated the Fourth of July with a parade in the morning and fireworks in the evening.

Plano 4th of July Parade_20180704_012Plano 4th of July Parade_20180704_018Plano 4th of July Parade_20180704_038Plano 4th of July Parade_20180704_040Plano 4th of July Parade_20180704_074

Oak Point Park this Fourth of July. The temperature was in the mid to upper 80’s. The light wind blowing from the Southwest was welcome.

While we were a good distance away from the festivities, but we had a really good view of the site.

Plano Fireworks_20180704_011Plano Fireworks_20180704_031Plano Fireworks_20180704_053Plano Fireworks_20180704_057Plano Fireworks_20180704_099Plano Fireworks_20180704_113Plano Fireworks_20180704_134

Happy Birthday America!



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The Other Totality

January 2018. This year it is a rare occurrence, that we have a Super Moon, Blue Moon and Blood Moon all in the same month. This hasn’t happened in about 152 years, so I had to at least try and capture it. Last August we made the trip to Nebraska to make pictures of the Solar Eclipse. It seemed right to shoot the “Other Totality” as well.

The first Full, Super Moon was January 1st. Technically it was January 2nd at 8:24 CST in the morning. I captured this from our back yard the evening of January 1st.SuperMoon_20180101_031

The second Full Moon, Blue Moon, happened on January 31st, 7:27 CST. It was low on the horizon so I went to a park that is on a little hill and captured this.

Super Blue Blood Moon_20180131_017

Then the fun started. It was a windy and chilly 42 degrees. My hands and feet got really cold. Good thing I sat in my truck most of the time, except to get out and make a few shots.

Super Blue Blood Moon_20180131_034
The beginning of the Total Eclipse of the moon, Blood Moon.

Super Blue Blood Moon_20180131_068
About an hour into the eclipse a plane came in  view. I almost missed it!


Super Blue Blood Moon_20180131_129
Its harder to focus the camera on something so dark, and through the DFW atmosphere on top of that.

Super Blue Blood Moon_20180131_132

Super Blue Blood Moon_20180131_140
First light was starting and made it even harder to focus the camera

The Sun started coming up and the horizon was getting dimmer. I could barely see the moon, so I know my camera was having a real hard time too.

Super Blue Blood Moon_20180131_156

It was a fun learning experience. Darkness, and a Bright light for a while, then the haze and atmosphere was filtering what little light the moon was reflecting.

Super Blue Blood Moon_20180131_159



The Edge of Dark

While we were in Kansas, getting ready to shoot The Great American Eclipse of 2017, I decided to try shooting the Milky Way and some other stars. The sky was a little overcast and not knowing where the heck I am, I stopped on a hill after driving a mile or so down a dirt road about 10 miles west of Salina, Kansas.

When I first got there, the sun had just gone down and it was not quite dark yet.

Stars in Kansas_20170819_025If you look close, this is the Big Dipper just after Dusk

Stars in Kansas_20170819_029
It’s hard to see but a little better picture of the Big Dipper and an Airplane, top right

Stars in Kansas_20170819_033
I had some visitors as well. They are not really ghost cows

I have photographed the moon before, but this was my first chance to be away from the light pollution of the city. Well, almost. Turns out there was a little town a few miles over the next hill.

Stars in Kansas_20170819_034
Still not quite dark enough

Stars in Kansas_20170819_037
Milky Way

Stars in Kansas_20170819_040
You can see a small plane right in front of the Milky Way

Stars in Kansas_20170819_043
You can make out part of the Milky Way

I’ll try again at some point if I can get far enough away from lights. Maybe McDonald Observatory in West Texas. Hmmm…. Can you say our next adventure?