Not so Clear Blue Sky

Yesterday morning was a nice and crisp so I stepped out on the driveway. The birds were chirping and flying around. As I looked up towards the heavens, I noticed the crisscrossing contrails of the high flying jets along with the Cirrocumulus clouds.

This was at about 7:15 am. These folks must have gotten up real early!

Photographed: Plano, TX 2020-01-08

City Sky

Living in the city has it’s advantages, except for traffic, and skylines among a few other things.

I have to be selective when I take pictures of a nice sunrise or sunset to avoid all the other stuff around. It takes about an hour to drive somewhere else to see the horizon.

But sometimes…

Photographed: Plano, Texas 2018.10.22

2018 in Review

Here it is. January, 2019. 2018 is all a blur now. I wanted to have this ready by the first but a bout with a cold kept my peanut brain occupied.

Here are some pictures I took throughout the year. I am only posting one photo per month. Its kind of hard when I have a little less that 9000 pictures from 2018. And that’s not counting some from the cell phone.


First Supermoon


New Roses


Texas Tulips


New Braunfels TX


Guadalupe Peak, TX


Arbor Hills, Plano TX


Fireworks Plano TX


Chapel of the Holy Cross Sedona, AZ


San Antonio TX


Hagerman Nature Preserve – near
Sherman, TX


Bald Eagle, Hagerman Nature Preserve


Ice – Gaylord Texan, Grapevine, TX

Wishing you a Happy, Healthy and Prosperous New Year!

Independence Day 2018

Plano, Texas 2018.07.04

The City celebrated the Fourth of July with a parade in the morning and fireworks in the evening.

Plano 4th of July Parade_20180704_012Plano 4th of July Parade_20180704_018Plano 4th of July Parade_20180704_038Plano 4th of July Parade_20180704_040Plano 4th of July Parade_20180704_074

Oak Point Park this Fourth of July. The temperature was in the mid to upper 80’s. The light wind blowing from the Southwest was welcome.

While we were a good distance away from the festivities, but we had a really good view of the site.

Plano Fireworks_20180704_011Plano Fireworks_20180704_031Plano Fireworks_20180704_053Plano Fireworks_20180704_057Plano Fireworks_20180704_099Plano Fireworks_20180704_113Plano Fireworks_20180704_134

Happy Birthday America!



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