Independence Day 2018

Plano, Texas 2018.07.04

The City celebrated the Fourth of July with a parade in the morning and fireworks in the evening.

Plano 4th of July Parade_20180704_012Plano 4th of July Parade_20180704_018Plano 4th of July Parade_20180704_038Plano 4th of July Parade_20180704_040Plano 4th of July Parade_20180704_074

Oak Point Park this Fourth of July. The temperature was in the mid to upper 80’s. The light wind blowing from the Southwest was welcome.

While we were a good distance away from the festivities, but we had a really good view of the site.

Plano Fireworks_20180704_011Plano Fireworks_20180704_031Plano Fireworks_20180704_053Plano Fireworks_20180704_057Plano Fireworks_20180704_099Plano Fireworks_20180704_113Plano Fireworks_20180704_134

Happy Birthday America!



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