Zebadiah Duck – Day 2

30-30-1 Project Day 2

As the sun filters in from the kitchen window, the steam rises from the cup, the air is filled with the aroma of coffee. A good hot cup of coffee with some cream and sugar starts my day!

Coffee is one of the best things in the morning to me. The aroma of fresh coffee when the can is opened is hard to beat, although frying bacon may give it a run for its money. The next best thing is the warm, mildly sweet, creamy first sip, Mmmm!

Morning coffee with Zeb is pretty much the same each day. He doesn’t talk, or drink coffee but he does like to hang around the kitchen table. I think Zeb likes the way coffee smells too! I am not sure Zebadiah will ever try coffee, but as time goes on, something may change his mind.

One thought on “Zebadiah Duck – Day 2

  1. Hi Pody!
    I have his little yellow floaty brother in my hot-tub!
    Someone to talk to when I’m in there all alone!



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