White Rock Lake Eagles

Bald Eagles are not common in Texas. Thera are about 150 known pairs in the entire state. We have a rare sighting of a Bald Eagle pair at an urban lake in Dallas. Last Saturday I decided to head to White Rock Lake to see if I could capture some shots of these beautiful birds. I got there early because I knew the downtown Dallas skyline would be high lighted by the rising sun. I parked and walked towards the lake to get the first shot.

Little did I know that I was being watched.

I turned around to look for the Eagles. Directly behind me, still before sunrise, one was perched in the  trees. Of course I took about 40 pictures from that angle. There were marathon runners already our running around the lake as well. The bird didn’t seem to mind, so I got a little closer. I decided to go back up the hill where I parked to get more of a front view and wait for the sun to highlight the eyes and the side of its face. About 50 more pictures as the sun rose.

Then it happened. The bird left the limb. There are quite a few trees around the lake. Most of them got in my shots and all I could see was dark blur behind the trees. I jumped on top of a picnic table to try to get above the trees. The Eagle was down by the lake, flying up then back down to the water. An American Coot, a smaller black duck with a white beak, was swimming and diving under the water.

The Eagle hit the water several times and went back up. I jumped off the table and ran downhill, leaving some of my equipment behind near the table. One more swoop to the water and the Eagle captured the American Coot for breakfast!

They are not National Geographic quality shots but here are a few of the better ones.

Photogrtaphed: Dallas, TX White Rock Lake 2022.02.19

Zebadiah Duck – Day 2

30-30-1 Project Day 2

As the sun filters in from the kitchen window, the steam rises from the cup, the air is filled with the aroma of coffee. A good hot cup of coffee with some cream and sugar starts my day!

Coffee is one of the best things in the morning to me. The aroma of fresh coffee when the can is opened is hard to beat, although frying bacon may give it a run for its money. The next best thing is the warm, mildly sweet, creamy first sip, Mmmm!

Morning coffee with Zeb is pretty much the same each day. He doesn’t talk, or drink coffee but he does like to hang around the kitchen table. I think Zeb likes the way coffee smells too! I am not sure Zebadiah will ever try coffee, but as time goes on, something may change his mind.

30 – 30 – 1 Project

Featuring: Zebadiah Duck!

I decided to start a new project to help improve my photography and creativity. 30 days, 30 images, 1 lens/camera and each photo has to include the adventures of Zebadiah Duck.

This first post will bring us up to speed on young Zeb and will include more than one photo, probably not from the one lens/camera either.

Meet Zebadiah Duck!

Sometimes he goes by Zeb. He was born into a really, really large duck family. He hopes to see them again at some point, but so goes the life of a rubber duck. His family migrated like a lot of Ducks. I’m not sure where his parents are. Just guessing, they are over seas, which seems logical for a duck like Zeb. I feel certain most of his brothers and sisters have found good homes too. He is happy!

He arrived at our house a few days ago and has settled in nicely. So far, he is easy to take care of and doesn’t eat, drink, or poop, which is rare for most ducks. I guess he is special. Zeb does like water, but hasn’t been out of the house yet. I suppose he is still acclimating to his new home and family. He just kind of sits around.

Zeb doesn’t do the same things most ducks do either, but we may see him fluttering around in the birdbath or down by the creek. Zeb will choose a wife someday, but that will come later in his life. He has long noticed a pretty little pink duck, but doesn’t know her name yet. He would like to travel the world someday, but for now, he loves Texas. It may be hard to see Zebadiah sometimes as he adorns his camouflage outfit everyday. He doesn’t like to draw attention but none the less he will be somewhere in each photo.

Stay tuned…