August Road Trip

Last weekend we took a road trip to Paul’s Valley Oklahoma to meet some of Juanita’s family they had not seen in a while.

I went out before just sunrise with my camera to see what I could see. I found this cool old service station in downtown.

The front door was open. I didn’t see any “Keep Out” or “No Trespassing” signs. I couldn’t resist so, of course, I went inside.

I yelled “Hello, Anyone here!” but my echo was the only answer.

I didn’t hang around inside too long nor did I venture too far. I really wanted to go upstairs but decided I probably shouldn’t. It looks like they are attempting to restore the place. Its too nice to let it fall into ruins.

Pauls Valley OK_20180818_004Pauls Valley OK_20180818_044Pauls Valley OK_20180818_005Pauls Valley OK_20180818_008Pauls Valley OK_20180818_012Pauls Valley OK_20180818_023Pauls Valley OK_20180818_029Pauls Valley OK_20180818_007Pauls Valley OK_20180818_031Pauls Valley OK_20180818_048Pauls Valley OK_20180818_037Pauls Valley OK_20180818_014Pauls Valley OK_20180818_017

When I find places like this, I leave them exactly the way I find them too. The Monkey says it all.


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