Picture a Day – Rose

I decided to try something a little different, for me anyway.

Take a picture a day for a week of the same subject in the same location with the same camera settings. These were taken in my home office/studio (I wish) at about the same time of day. The differences being the ambient light coming in through the 4×6 ft window on the east side. The other lighting is from a single 40 watt spot light in the ceiling.

What once started out as a pretty pink rose, became a pretty decaying rose as they always do. I suppose beauty IS really in the eye of the beholder.

Photographed: 2018.05-17 thru 2018.05.24


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Mosaic Art from a paint can

At the first of the year, I purchased a new lens from a guy on Craig’s List. I wanted to shoot the Dallas skyline with this new lens and Juanita was with some of her friends so I decided to go to Dallas.

Driving around the Margaret Hunt-Hill bridge, I found a wall of “Art” and thought I was in some place I shouldn’t be. I didn’t hang around too long.


It turns out these buildings are owned by the City of Dallas and designated as a Graffiti Wall called the “Fabrication Yard”. There are some very good artists that come here to express their feelings with spray paint.

This is an ever changing art display. As you can see from the first few photos above, the content has changed. I spoke to a gentleman that was there letting his speakers air out and he said “come back next week and you’ll see something different”.

Graffiti Dallas_20171124_002Graffiti Dallas_20171124_003Graffiti Dallas_20171124_004Graffiti Dallas_20171124_007

Graffiti Dallas_20171124_008

This time we went inside to see more.

Graffiti Dallas_20171124_010Graffiti Dallas_20171124_011Graffiti Dallas_20171124_013Graffiti Dallas_20171124_014Graffiti Dallas_20171124_017

This is another building where one of my friends practices with his rock band.Graffiti_20170218_002Graffiti_20170218_004

The above is from February. Below are the same buildings in November.

Graffiti Dallas_20171124_029Graffiti Dallas_20171124_025Graffiti Dallas_20171124_023Graffiti Dallas_20171124_022

I have shot a few trains as well, but will add them to a different blog at some point.

Our next adventure is Fossil Rim Wildlife Center. We decided to take a trip this year for Christmas instead of exchanging gifts. Even though it’s only an overnight stay, I can’t wait!


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